At Vacasa , they manage more than 4,500 vacation rentals across the globe – and they handle the entire process from marketing to maintenance. That means they’re versed in photography, SEO, engineering, customer service…the list goes on. And their 1,400+ staff have a lot of insight into the travel space across many specialties. Here’s what they’re expecting in 2017.

A new type of traveler
As millennials continue to delay marriage & kids, “spontaneous travel” will rise in popularity. Last-minute travel deals and discount packages will gain momentum and the space will become even more crowded.

As inexpensive domestic flight deals continue to trend, cities with those direct flights will become popular last minute destinations.

More work-from-home, work remote, and contractor business models will lead to a spike in midweek travel as consumers are more able to take advantage of lower prices and fewer crowds.

Prediction: New businesses to offer remote workers and their companies discounted travel packages for longer stays. Paired with consumer appetite for longer stays and more authentic living experiences vs. quick vacations, this will succeed.
New must-visit destinations More ecotourism, nature travel, impact travel, and remote travel following overwhelming election cycle and media exhaustion. Predicted spike in […]