The world is going through an unsettling time; politics are scary, the weather is changing, nobody really knows what’s going on and the lack of sun is seeing many people suffering with winter blues. So it’s not surprising people are preparing for their holiday escape and while 2016 saw trends of traveling to Bordeaux, Copenhagen, Costa Rica and the Australian Reefs, 2017 is taking a slightly different approach to tourist travel.

Chile is thought to be the most desirable tourist destination this year, after picking up the travel awards of 2016 more and more people want to know what the fuss is about. It has 36 national parks and some of the most extreme environments on the planet stretching across 2,650 miles so it’s no surprise it is becoming so popular. Chile is becoming the world’s most overlooked wonderland and locals are taking the new found tourist opportunity to their full advantage by creating new boutique hotels in South Napa and providing hot air balloon rides with once in a lifetime with vast desert views.

2017 marks the 150 th anniversary of the Canadian Confederation which means Canada is once again coming back as a holiday destination. Huge landscapes and spectacular […]