Andrew Shelton, managing director of flight search and travel deals website,, unveils its predictions of the hottest travel trends of 2017.

1. What a carry on! Hand luggage only please
With British Airways announcing charges for food on board this year, the beginning of the end for all-inclusive airlines has officially arrived. The majority of carriers are adopting the no frills model of charging for anything they can, and the consumer has voted with their luggage with stats showing already 22% are willing to travel hand luggage only. This number will increase in 2017 as savvy travellers pack light to take flight.

2. Buy before you fly – BYO on board
Whilst in 2016 eating healthily was ‘pie in the sky’, with less than a fifth of Brits taking their own food on board, new EU legislation just enforced (13 December 2016) will undoubtedly increase awareness of the high sugar and salt levels in airline food. This, and the continued health food revolution – and unfaltering rise of food stars such as Deliciously Ella and the Hemsley Sisters – means travellers may well make better informed food choices and avoid airline food.

3. The Platt Effect […]