At the end of last year, we asked a few experts to predict the social media trends we’ll be seeing in 2017 .

Live video was a running theme, as was virtual reality. However, we thought we’d take the opportunity to explore another interesting topic – artificial intelligence (or AI).

More specifically, the use of artificial intelligence in the travel industry. Why? Well, it’s already making waves.

Providing travel brands the perfect opportunity to connect with consumers and enhance customer service – we’ve seen a number of businesses experimenting with the technology.

Here’s how, along with a few of the most interesting examples to catch my eye. Customer service

Customer service can make or break a hotel’s reputation. Consequently, AI’s ability to pre-empt and predict exactly what the customer needs and wants is one reason why hotels are cottoning on to the idea.Hilton is one of the most well-known examples, last year teaming up with IBM’s Watson to create Connie – a robot that provides help and information to hotel guests during their stay.Connie works by drawing on information from Wayblazer – a travel advice tool that also uses Watson – as well as human speech. Essentially, the more people talk […]