Fancy visiting a theme park that is exotic, fun, and affordable? Then pay a visit to Port Aventura in Salou, Spain, this year. Situated on the Catalonian coast, the park is the jewel in the crown of Spanish theme parks and resorts. Welcoming over four million people every single year, it’s also the sixth most visited theme park in all of Europe.

Featuring something for all the family, within one of the six themed areas you are bound to find something that everyone can immerse themselves in. Port Aventura even has a train station, connecting it to the rest of Catalonia (including the wonderful city of Barcelona) and beyond.

The park has been divided into six different areas, which are mainly based on various civilisations and time periods. These areas are the Mediterranean, the Far West, Mexico, China, and Polynesia. There’s an additional smaller area modelled on Sesame Street, which only opened in 2011.

Each zone offers something unique to the parks visitors, with rides and shows throughout the park – from the historical to the futuristic, everything is here.

Mediterrania – The Heart of Port Aventura

Particular attention has to be paid to Mediterrania. This is around the main entrance area of the park, and an area which everyone will pass through. There are only three rides in this zone, but what makes it so special is the recreation of a traditional Catalonian coastal town.

You’ll actually feel as if you are in any one of the towns in the region, not in a resort. There are restaurants and shops everywhere, offering that rustic feel before you move on to explore other areas of the park. As well as the rides in this zone, there are some daily shows on offer as well, keeping everyone thoroughly entertained.

The Far West Zone

This zone is modelled on a town from America’s nineteenth-century Wild West. There are many western style buildings and sculptures within this area, all adding to the authenticity. There are nine attractions within the Far West zone of Port Aventura, making this the largest of the park’s six areas.

Mexico Zone

The Mexican zone is, as the name implies, themed on Mayan Mexico. There are temples and statues galore throughout this fascinating area, as well as the Great Pyramid, which leads to the Gran Teatro Maya, the largest show zone in the park.

There are currently seven attractions and three shows in the Mexico zone.

Port Aventura

Port Aventura Polynesia Zone

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China Zone

This zone is among the largest areas of the park and is themed on ancient Chinese civilisation. The main thoroughfare through the zone is based on the Great Wall of China. There are currently six rides and four shows in this area, as well as a Chinese-style buffet called Marco Polo.

Polynesian Zone

This is one of the smallest zones in Port Aventura, as well as one of the most laid-backed. This area lacks the ‘thrilling’ rides of the other regions, but it is home to two shows as well as a few other attractions.

Sesame Street Zone

This is the park’s newest zone, only opening in 2011. This zone is primarily for younger children and is themed around the Sesame Street characters. There are eleven rides in this part of the park, as well as two shows that feature Ernie, Bert, Elmo and the rest of the Sesame Street cast.

Splash About in Costa Caribe

If you get hot and tired under that hot Spanish sun, worry not. The Costa Caribe Aquatic Park is just next door. This 50,000 square metre water park is just the ticket for making sure you can cool off by splashing about among some of the 16 different rides and slides.

There are over 8,500 square metres of water space surrounded by artificial beaches, palm trees, and the calming beats of music from the reggae and Latin genres. Complete with shops and restaurants, spending a day or two in one of Costa Caribe’s six hotels during your stay will make this year’s holiday one to remember.

How to Get There

Getting to Port Aventura couldn’t be easier, with regular bus shuttles from all towns in the region, including Salou. Reus Airport is also only 10 km away, and many of Europe’s budget airlines fly to this destination.

There are affordable package deals for the whole family at Port Aventura this year. Make sure you book in advance if you are planning to stay at a local hotel so you are not disappointed.

If you feel like touring the rest of Catalonia first, you can easily take a train from Barcelona, Salou or one of the other towns in the region. Alternatively, renting a car and exploring the entirety of this magical region is also an excellent idea.

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