A UK-based cruise company has launched the world’s most luxurious gap year package, giving students the chance to swap back-packs and hostels for ultimate comfort.

The holiday is a round-the-world cruise specifically tailored to wanderlust students and takes in all the staple back-packing destinations, including Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia.

Designed by UK cruise specialists, Bolsover Cruise Club, to offer an alternative to the stereotypical “year-out” spent living in shared hostel rooms, the 15-country, 60,000 miles, voyage represents the ultimate in student travel.

For this, travellers will be offered the usual gap-year opportunities to find oneself, have once-in-a-lifetime experiences and broaden cultural horizons, all while enjoying a life of luxury aboard some of the world’s most impressive cruise liners. The cruise, which spans six continents and sees travellers experience eleven different cruise ships, sets sail outside of the academic year, in July 2017, and is available to students of all ages including both under and postgraduates. Students are advised to defer a year of study to ensure deadlines are not missed.

Michael Wilson, Managing Director of Bolsover Cruise Club, said: “Forget hostels, part-time jobs in bars and long bus journeys, our gap year holiday is the ultimate way a student can […]