London Gatwick Airport’s single runway handled a record total of 43.1m passengers in calendar year 2016, representing a +7.1% increase on the previous year.

Gatwick management says proudly that it has once again increased its margin against all other airports in the world as the most efficient single-runway airport, finishing last year with 3.1m passengers in December 2016 – a rise of +15% on the same month in 2015.

Highlights of the year included long-haul passenger growth +26.8%, alongside an increase in cargo handling of +13.3%. Airport management said that the new 12-month passenger handling record was broken on 22 December 2016, helped considerably by Gatwick’s booming long-haul services, which increased by 26.8%. Alongside these long-haul passenger services Gatwick also reported a +13.3% rise in metric cargo tonnage. Destinations with the biggest recorded passenger increases during 2016 from Gatwick Airport. FASTEST GROWING PASSENGER DESTINATIONS

Today, the airport also released its fastest growing passenger destinations during 2016, with Toronto emerging as the long-haul destination with the biggest passenger increase of 191,124 passengers (+97%) in 2016, versus the previous year.

However, Belfast International registered the biggest increase in passenger numbers, an increase of 388,486 passengers (+83%), versus 2015.

Meanwhile, this year the airport is […]