The past year has consisted of turmoil, terror, and most importantly, change. As the year draws to a close, let’s take a look at how travel and tourism across the world have altered. Which countries experienced an increase of people passing through their borders, and where have people been sceptical to return to?

With the ever-accumulating terror attacks and expanding war zones, many countries have found their tourism sectors completely shattered. Turkey , a once popular destination for many Brits and Germans, is now a place feared by many. Dozens of higher education institutions have abandoned ties with Turkish universities, deeming it too unsafe a country to send their students to. Whilst many travel companies do still advertise their all-inclusive package holidays to Turkey, the prices have been slashed for a reason — people are just not visiting. It begs the question as to whether or not travel companies will have to stop trips to Turkey altogether, just as Thomson have done with Sharm-el-Sheikh, Egypt. Flights to the city have been cancelled until the end of March 2017, and afterwords will only operate on a reduced schedule. Their decision comes after the FCO warned against all but essential travel […]