Neon sign at Good Hotel In the second in a four-part series we look some of the key business travel trends for the year ahead. Part two: team travel, caring capitalism and vacation deprivation… TEAM TRAVEL

Based on data from an annual survey by MeetingsNet and the Incentive Research Foundation, the IBTM Trends Watch Report 2016 predicts that 2017 will see a “continuing rally in demand for incentive travel”, with budgets expanding and incentive programmes growing for groups of employees. In 2008, per-person spending on incentive travel was US$3,659 but the global financial crisis saw this reduced to US$2,397 by 2014. There was a turnaround in 2015, with figures moving in an upward direction. Last year (2016), it was back up to US$3,165.

Meetings are also on the rise, although European firms are being careful about how much is being spent. They are also shortening travel time and combining multiple meetings into one event. Belgium, France and Germany are the most popular destinations for international association meetings, while the US (first place), South Korea (second place) and Singapore (third place) are the most popular globally. CARING CAPITALISM

Over the last year we have seen the arrival of travel start-ups with […]