Month: June 2016

Ancient Amathus

The Ancient Amathus ruins are one of Cyprus’s proudest examples of a long history. Once a royal town, these are the well-preserved remains of an ancient city. Research has shown that the Ancient Amathus site has shown signs of habitation from around 1000 BC. As a leisurely day trip from Limassol, this is one of the most popular destinations just outside the city. Transport links are aplenty so getting to the site is relatively easy. And once you arrive at the attraction, there is so much history that little else in Cyprus can match the wonder of Ancient Amathus....

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Limassol Castle

Limassol Castle is located in the heart of Limassol, Cyprus’s second largest city and the island’s major port.

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Limassol Marina

Limassol Marina is a unique destination in Limassol because it’s a tourist attraction in and of itself as well as the place that you might be staying in.

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Limassol is a must-visit location for all those thinking about travelling to Cyprus. With so much to see and do, Limassol is rightly proud of its heritage.

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